Why Weed Slayer?

We’ve Fought on the Toughest Turf

Our warriors honed their craft serving community associations, multi-family complexes, and municipal properties – where expectations are high and there are many stakeholders to answer to.

Weed Slayer brings that same lawn care know-how and level of service to you, and all Augusta-area homeowners. And as warriors who value serving with honor and integrity, we never stop sharpening our skills. Continuous training gives us an edge in taking care of your yard – and you – properly, for years to come.

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Bringing the best lawn care know-how

Programs and Services for Taking Back Your Turf

Our year-round Lawn Care and Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care programs are customized for the type of grass, trees, and shrubs you have, and include free service calls between treatments if you suspect a new weed or pest threatens the health and beauty of your yard.

Add-on services provide the extra care that Augusta-area yards need from time to time. Estimates for programs and add-ons are free, and we’ll never ask you to sign a contract.

Three Programs to Choose From

Lawn Care

We fertilize for lush, green grass and apply weed controls to defeat common weeds. Our seven visits are timed for seasonal activity of weeds and turf growth.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

On top of lawn care, we treat ornamental trees and shrubs with a fungicide and an insecticide to protect their health and appearance. Trees get fertilized in a way that ensures nutrients reach their deep roots.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub
Care Plus

The “plus” is fire ant control. This program is the cost-effective choice for any Lawn, Tree & Shrub customer who battles a chronic fire ant problem.