Simple Tree and Shrub Care Tips

We know the importance of a lawn that is healthy and looking its best, and we work hard to make sure yours is the highlight of your neighborhood. But the health and beauty of your ornamental trees and shrubs are also important for your lawn’s overall aesthetic. We love the charm and color that ornamental trees and shrubs bring to a space, so we’ve rounded up a few tips that will help you make sure your trees and shrubs continue to shine.  

  • Plant with purpose. The health of new ornamental trees and shrubs often comes down to their location and how well they were initially planted. Since you want them to grow larger, it’s important to plant each of them in a deep hole that is twice the size of the container the plant came in. This will help its roots successfully embed into the soil. Before planting, pay attention to the shrub’s specific needs and place it in a spot in your lawn where it will thrive.
  • Add mulch. After planting, add a layer of mulch over the soil. This serves a dual purpose, suppressing weeds and locking in moisture around the plant’s roots. A two-to three-inch layer of mulch is ideal. Make sure to freshen the mulch once every few years so that the roots continue to reap its benefits.
  • Water well. When your shrubs are new, it’s important to make sure they get plenty of water so that they can more successfully establish themselves into the ground. That said, don’t overdo it. Aim to give your trees and shrubs about one inch of water per week, but keep in mind how much it has or hasn’t rained.
  • Prune carefully. Do your research before pruning because each plant has different needs. Generally speaking, though, spring is an ideal time to prune your ornamental trees and shrubs. When pruning, carefully snip those branches or stems that are past their prime and leave new growth alone. Go slowly and work to avoid any damage.
  • Monitor for pests. Ornamental trees and shrubs are often delicate and react more favorably to a professional’s touch. If you notice any pests or simply want to encourage more growth, our specialists can help. Our Tree and Shrub program offers specific treatments that are meant to keep your trees and shrubs thriving.

To us, your lawn includes more than your turf. Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy will ensure that you can enjoy them year after year.