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Programs and Services for Taking Back Your Turf

Our year-round Lawn Care and Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care programs are customized for the type of grass, trees, and shrubs you have, and include free service calls between treatments if you suspect a new weed or pest threatens the health and beauty of your yard.

Add-on services provide the extra care that Augusta-area yards need from time to time. Estimates for programs and add-ons are free, and we’ll never ask you to sign a contract.

Weed Slayer’s owner-operator, Andy Davis, has been caring for commercial properties since 2001, when he started Davis Landscape Company. With Weed Slayer, Andy and his team bring all those years of experience and expertise to residential lawn care. Learn more about us.

Three Programs to Choose From

Lawn Care

We fertilize for lush, green grass
and apply weed controls to
defeat common weeds. Our
seven visits are timed for
seasonal activity of weeds and
turf growth.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

On top of lawn care, we treat
ornamental trees and shrubs with
a fungicide and an insecticide to
protect their health and
appearance. Trees get fertilized in
a way that ensures nutrients reach
their deep roots.

Lawn, Tree & Shrub
Care Plus

The “plus” is fire ant control.
This program is the
cost-effective choice for any
Lawn, Tree & Shrub
customer who battles a
chronic fire ant problem.

Additional Services As You Need Them


Compacted soil makes it
hard for air, water, and
fertilizer to reach grass
roots, where they’re
needed. Aeration loosens
the soil, resulting in a
thicker, healthier lawn.

Aeration and

This is how we combat thin
or bare spots in your lawn.
Aeration loosens the soil and
overseeding lays grass seed
over existing turf so it can fill
in struggling areas.

Armyworm and
Grub Control

Two applications during the
summer takes your turf back
from these destructive pests.

Brown Patch and
Dollar Spot Treatment

These warm-season fungal
diseases can take over a
lawn when conditions are
right. Our fungicide stops
them in their tracks and
allows your turf to heal.

Fire Ant Control

A single application of
Bayer’s TopChoice™ lets
you to enjoy your yard

Mosquito Control

A once-a-month
application from May
through October kills
larvae and adult
mosquitos, and is safe
for your family and pets.

Outdoor Pest Control

We spray a protective
shield around your yard
and target breeding spots,
like mulched areas, to
control ticks, fleas, spiders,
and fire ants.

Not sure what’s ailing
your yard? Request a
free analysis &