Attract Birds to Your Garden

It officially feels like spring and summer when you start to hear more birdsong outdoors, and we love the beautiful visitors that have begun to frequent our lawns. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of birds visiting your garden, we’ve rounded up a few pieces of advice that should help increase the number of small visitors you see in your space.

Add natural food sources. It’s no surprise that these creatures are on the hunt for food in your lawn and garden. Many plants that thrive here in the south provide food for birds. To increase your bird population, add plants like holly, camellias, black-eyed Susans, honeysuckle, and flowering dogwood to your landscape.

Place hanging feeders within reach.  Another way to attract birds is to add hanging feeders to your outdoor spaces. There are a variety of options that should match just about any décor style, and birdseed is easily found in most box stores. Hang them on a branch near foliage or near a window so that you can enjoy watching the birds from inside your home. Hummingbird feeders are especially fun near a window so that you witness these fast, tiny birds dart in to eat.

Add a bird bath. Like most wildlife, birds are drawn to water sources. By adding a water feature to your garden, you’re likely to attract bathing birds. One caveat is that standing water may also increase your mosquito population, so be sure to freshen the water regularly. 

Give them a home.  Place a birdhouse in an elevated, shady spot in your lawn. This should attract birds that are looking for a longer residence in your garden. They will line the space with twigs and grass and potentially create a nest there for even more new additions. You’ll notice it’s being used if you peek in and see some natural outdoor debris on the floor.

Part of enjoying your lawn and garden is taking pleasure in the beautiful wildlife that visit. With a healthy, flourishing lawn, a vibrant garden, and the music and beauty of birds, you’ll enjoy your outdoor space all season long.