Green, weed-free grass and vibrant ornamental trees and shrubs. We have programs for both, each delivering year-round care that promotes healthy growth and combats weeds, diseases, and unwanted pests.

Controlling Weeds Near Pavement
February 11, 2019

Many homeowners in the South consider weeds to be the most annoying lawn care challenge they face, and of course our region is far from alone in this respect. Tough and persistent, it sometimes seems…

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The Right Way to Prune Crepe Myrtles
January 28, 2019

We Southerners love our crepe myrtles, and for good reasons: They’re multi–season performers, boasting beautiful flowers in summer and brilliant color in fall. Even their bark looks good. Sometimes, though, if you’re not careful, you…

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Preparing for Your Spring Garden
January 14, 2019

Many gardeners look forward to this time of year as a break in their routines, a season of reduced work. But for a large percentage of that group, the respite has barely begun before they’re…

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